De Rosa SLX Professional


It was first time in my life I had the pleasure to experience De Rosa. Currently it's sold but I thought it'd be nice to share it with you. The story goes like this. It was bought from a person who's been given this bike from his sister. Sister of this gentleman has once got married to a Italian man, former professional cyclist and who used to run few Pizza houses up in the Alps in Austria. That place was one of those high-class restaurants. Some Arabian wealthy sheik very much liked the pizza he's been served and after some days made an offer to the owner to run pizza-houses for him down the Arabia. They've seen an opportunity so the deal was done.

This sweet bike was left behind as not important and later on appeared in Slovakia for some years until now. We don't know the name of this cyclist but I was told that he took part of Giro on this De Rosa and assuming that the boss underneath of Top Tube is fom mounting race number I'd believe this story so.


Bike is made from Columbus SLX and equipped with complete Campagnolo Croce d' Aune set and Campagnolo wheelset apart of rear derailleurs Campagnolo Chorus