Atala 101 Record Professional


We are proud to present this rare Italian race bike from early 70ties. Atala 101 Record Professional was at the time the top of the line product, that was handcrafted by respected builder Cezare Rizzato in Monza, Italy. This Atala was constructed by Columbus lightweight tubing with beautiful lug-work , chromed head and seat lugs, seatstays, fork equipped with Campagnolo dropouts. This particular frame undergone complex detail renovation including repainting into red - blue combination in accordance with that time catalogues and technological processes. Our Atala is equipped with beautiful and original Nuovo Record pat.73 groupset from Campagnolo with unusually drilled chainring.

Real jewel is the original Brooks Professional leather seat. The company Atala was formally founded in Italy in 1921 by Cesare Rizzato and was notable for its racing bicycles which won several championships in the early 20th century. Atala Record Professional is one very special and highly sought after vintage race bike for real enthuziasts which represents high level of craftsmanship, dedication and sense for details. Let his beauty be a part of your collection!



• Chrome frame lugs, Chrome front and rear fork tips Columbus SL tubing

• Campagnolo Front and Rear fork ends

• Frame measurement Seat Tube – 52cm, Top Tube -54cm, Down Tube-60cm

• Rigida alloy clincher rims

• Campagnolo Record Hubs

• Regina Extra Oro Freewheel 13-24t

• Vittoria Pro Team tyre

• Campagnolo Record Strada Headset

• Campagnolo Nuovo Record Front Derailleur

• Campagnolo Nuovo Record Rear Derailleur

• Campagnolo Nuovo Record Gear Levers

• Campagnolo Record Seat Post

• Campagnolo Nuovo Record Strada 172,5 mm, 53 x 42t, Crankset Drilled

• Campagnolo Racing pedals

• Campagnolo BB shell ITA

• Campagnolo Nuovo Record Brake Levers

• Cinelli Criterium Handlebars 65-42

• 3TTT stem 120mm

• Brooks saddle